Chicago engagement

Brooke & Patrick's Chicago Engagement

Sweet Home Chicago

I don't even know where to begin with these two.  When Brooke and Patrick asked if I would capture their engagement session, I was a whole mix of emotions.  Excited, honored and nervous being my top three!  You see, they aren't my conventional clients...they are one of my very best friends and the love of her life.  That's a lot of pressure...because I really know them and I just had to get it right.  I knew Brooke pre Pat ( and though only one hangout prior, I even knew Pat before Brooke!) I have been there through their whole relationship. (literally, since the very first moment they met) They are one of my all time favorite couples; as both friends and role models... and my goal was to capture the relationship I've witnessed over the past 6 years. Their endless amount of comic relief. Their real, emotional love, the consistent friendship and partnership I see between the two... and not to mention their spectacular taste and style.  Capturing downtown Chicago was just a given...  Their home base and my former; where it all began and to where they will be saying "I do,"  it was the perfect backdrop to their great love story.